Hi, I'm Zack, thanks for stopping by! 👋

I'm Zack, a user experience designer.

I discovered my love and passion for user experience design accidentally. I started out my career path in the software world as a full stack developer with the Department Of National Defence and have since moved on from developing educational products to designing all sorts of products that everyone loves. I've always been interested in design and visually appealing products, but also the reasoning behind the decisions people make. Unbeknownst to me until I was in the field, that the world of UX Design is the intersection of the two things that I love. Understanding others, and being creative.

Outside of the working world, I'm designing, creating, and looking for beautiful things in my free time. I've recently entered the world of wildlife photography, woodworking, reading on psychology and UX strategies, and joting down ways to improve things in our every day life.